Pope John Paul II

Pope John Paul II is actually one of the most authentic and most known prophetic voices of the XXI century.

A Pope who has really changed our society, relentlessly fighting for human rights and for freedom of conscience of every single man.

Twenty-four prayers written by John Paul II will be turned into songs and performed by international musical excellences.


Karol 24ís project borns from the foresight and capability of a team of well known italian entrepeneurs. Their knowlegments and professionality in their correspondent fields of activity (web provider b2b, life-style and luxury goods advisory and markeing, music and live events consultancy) are making this plan possible and credible. 24 prayers written by Karol Woityla, Pope John Paul II, from 1993 to 2002 during his pontificate, will be adapted and set to music by american film composer Matthew Ferraro. Represented in these prayers are the founding principles of religious and human belief of Pope John Paul II: brotherwood among men of any race, solidarity, charity, love and freedom. The songs will be executed in english and in the original languages of the artists involved. The crowning moment will be the ideation of 4 live events broadcasted worldwide that will be represented in 4 extraordinary cities: Rome, Krakov, New York and Rio de Janeiro.